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  • Technical Writing 

A well-designed product or service, manufacturing or processes that meet the strictest standards, and a strong sales staff are not enough -- you still need to present professional material in order to enhance the confidence your clients have in you.


Superior technical writing in your sales brochures, marketing collateral, user guides, and technology manuals help make your company the go-to resource for your target market.  


We do it for you.

  • Localization 

When you introduce goods or services into the North American market, you need to overcome resistance to “foreign” offerings.  Whether they are in Chicago or New York, Toronto or Quebec, Miami or Mexico City, your customers want the language in your materials and collateral to properly reflect and respect their language. 


Organizational Ergonomic’s localization services help you avoid the pitfalls that language conversions can suffer in terminology, syntax, spelling, and grammar.


We do it for you.

  • Editing Services

           Writing Consulting

You have the ideas, but you’re having trouble presenting them clearly and concisely. You know what you want to say, but it’s lost in your text.


We can help direct your writing to present your ideas and thoughts effectively and elegantly.


           Copy Editing 

When your text is complete, it may still feel awkward or not flow as it should.


A professional review by an experienced copy editor will clear up murky writing and ensure a smooth-flowing account. This will provide you with the confidence that you are presenting your story the way you want to.


We do it for you.

We Do Corporate History 


  • Selling Your Business Inside

Your company has a long history, one full of significant challenges and achievements.  There are stories that current or long-time employees and retirees recall with respect or reverence, stories that reflect the important company character that you want new employees to absorb, stories that you cannot afford to lose.


Organizational Ergonomics can outline, write, and produce a corporate history that highlights the stories that show how people and dreams let your company become what it is today, and how these lessons from the past may lead to further success in the future.   


We do it for you.

We have done work for:

  • Alcatel-Lucent

  • Cedar Point Communications (now GENBAND)

  • Cross Country Group

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield Massachusetts

  • Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield

  • NYC Health and Hospitals Corp

  • Trecom (now Honeywell Consulting)


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